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The Iditarod trail follows the historic Iditarod Trail. The famous sled dog race runs 1100 miles through frozen Alaska since 1973 in memory of those brave individuals who brought the important serum to Nome in 1925 during a diphterie outbreak. Using bicycles as a means of transportation on Alaska's frozen rivers and tundra might seem a little odd and a crazy idea, but men looking for gold in the 1900 that couldn't afford a dog team actually used what they then called "wheels" documented in " Wheels on Ice" 1986 by Terrence Cole.
 Joe Redington is the father of the Iditarod, he started the idea of human powered races on the Iditarod Trai. Iditasport had its beginnings in the 1980’s. In 1989 Dan Bull did the first trip to Nome on mountainbikes with three other riders in 22 days.
Human powered competition over the years included the  200 mile Iditabike, 165 mile, 210 mile, 120 mile, Iditaski , snowshoe and ski races and later also foot races on the Iditarod trail at that time. 1991 Iditasport was formed.
That year also included a triathlon division. 1992 a runner division was added.
Later those races merged in to one race and the Iditasport bike , ski or run race was born.
The Susitna 100 is a race organization that holds a 100 mile and 50 k race every February.
Very little was known about winter biking gear and everybody made their own.
Today several different winter bikes are made.
The race startet attracting people from all over the world.
In 1997 was the first year of the 350 mile race from Knik Lake to McGrath in the Alaska Interior.The following year Mountainbike legend John Stamstad set the fastest time in the 350 mile event of 3 days 8hours.
In the year of 2000 the race followed the entire length of the Iditarod Trail to Nome on the Bering coast. Mike Curiak holds the record for the fastest time for the 1100 miles  15 days, 1 hour, 15 minutes.
The Iditasport race format included a mandatory overnite 30 miles into the race.
The race is now a straight through race with 7 checkpoints on the route to McGrath and 17 checkpoints on the route to Nome.

Legends like John Stamstad , Roberto Ghidoni and Mike Curiak set records for McGrath(350mile) and Nome(1100 mile).
In 2002 Bill Merchant formed Alaska Ultra Sport and every year up to 50 racers from different countries follow the famed trail for 350 miles or  1100 miles.
2003 saw extremely warm trail conditions and the race and also the Iditarod Dog Sled Race followed the original Serum Run route from Fairbanks to Nome, Alaska Ultra Sport started from Nenana 776 miles.
This is the most remote and longest winter ultra race in the world.


Evolution of a Winter Endurance Race