Rules & Tips



• All survival gear (clothing, sleeping bags, etc.) for the McGrath race must be carried from the start.

• You may take any route as long as you sign-in and sign-out of the required checkpoints.

• No support crews

• No outside assistance to advance up or down the trail

   (no snowmachine or airplane rides)

• Respect private property!

• Leave no trace. Do not litter the trail!!

• Smiles, Thank-you's and Tips are appreciated at all check points.

• Expendables only in drop bags (drop bags will not be returned!)

*Do not bring bikes, sleds or skis inside checkpoints!!!



• Drop bags should be Contractor Garbage Bags (big and strong) or   tough stuff sacks.

• Drop bags will not be returned!

• Drop bags must be clearly labeled with racers name and drop location, filled with your supplies and secured shut.

• You may ship them to us in boxes. (we will take them out of the box for packing them into a ski plane).

• You can share drop bags with another racer to limit waste. Use common sense!

• You may have two 10lbs drop bags. One at Finger Lake and one at Rohn.  

Drop bags are due in Anchorage by February TBA to insure delivery to the checkpoints via ski plane.



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