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2011 RACE ROSTER (50 racer limit)
some racers have a clickable link that leads to their website or blog

1 Jeff Oatley Bike 350
2 Tracey Petervary am. flag Bike 1100
3 Jay Petervary am. flag Bike 1100
4 John Ross England Bike 350
5 Steve Wilkinson England Bike 350
6 Lorne Carroll alaska Bike 350
7 Roger Leavesley England Ski 350
8 Bill Dent England Bike 350
9 Sebastiano Favaro Italy Bike 350
10 Ausilia Vistarini Italy Bike 350
11 Peter Basinger Alaska Bike 350
12 Joe Pollock Alaska Bike 350
13 Bill Shand Canada Bike 350
14 Phil Hofstetter Alaska Bike 350
15 Eric Warkentin am. flag Bike 350
16 Louise Kobin am. flag Bike 350
17 Daniele Modolo Italy Bike 350
18 Rocky Reifenstuhl Alaska Bike 350
19 Aaron Fanetti am. flag Bike 350
20 Klaus Schweinberger Austria Foot 350
21 Kim Kittredge Alaska Bike 350
22 Àlex S. Casanovas Catalonia Bike 350
23 Pierre Ostor france Bike 1100
24 Billy Koitzsch Alaska Bike 1100
25 Carl Hutchings England Bike 1100
26 Donald Kane Scotland Bike 350
27 Jerym Brunton New Zealand Foot 1100
28 Howard Cook England Foot 350
29 Aidan Harding England Bike 1100
30 Harald Schiff Deutschland Bike 350
31 Savino Musicco Italy Foot 1100
32 Bob Ostrom Alaska Bike 350
33 Shawn McTaggart am. flag Foot 350
34 Chloe Lanthier Canada Bike 350
35 Aaron Benetti am. flag Bike 350
36 Greg Matayas Alaska Bike 350
37 Janice Tower Alaska Bike 350
38 Andy Stearns Alaska Ski 350
39 Mario Sterli Italy Foot 1100
40 Todd Kasteler Alaska Foot 350
41 Mark Ruda am. flag Bike 350
42 Piera Damonte am. flag Bike 350
43 Brian Hartman Alaska Bike 350
44 Lance Andre am. flag Bike 350
45 Sean Grady Alaska Bike 1100
46 Mark Silverman Alaska Bike 350
47 Eric Johnson am. flag Foot 350
48 Erik Christensen Alaska Bike 350
49 Mark Boydston Alaska Bike 350
50 James Haigh Canada Foot 350

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2011 waiting list:

Paolo Gregorini
Pietro Trabuccini
Gabriela Monti
Anton Hierschlaeger
Eris Zama
Alberto Villaverde
Walter Hoesch
Jan Francke
Stefano Gregoretti
Marc Perrier
Roberto Aldovini
Pavel Richtr
Jeff Brandner
Amerigo Puntelli
Eliseo Bertuccelli
Bill Fleming

map of Iditarod Trail

Entries for the 2011 race will open April 1, 2010 for race veterans and April 8, 2010 for new racers.

Race to McGrath (350 mile)
Fees: US $1000.00 due at sign-up
Race To Nome (1100 mile)
Fees: US $ 1150.00 due at sign-up

Nome racers except for previous Nome finishers must post a $750.00 refundable bond which will be donated to Iditarod if the racer asks for help from Iditarod trail crews or check points
(except in life threatening situations or serious injury).

Entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
All fees for evacuations off the course are the racer's responsibility.

$1000.00 entry fee for the 350 mile race will provide:

  • Transportation from Golden Lion Best Western 1000 East 36th to race start at Knik Lake
  • Lodging and food at Winter Lake Lodge on Finger Lake CP 3
  • Lodging and food at Puntilla Lake/Rainy Pass Lodge (middle of the Alaska Range) CP 4
  • A tent camp and food in Rohn CP 5
  • Lodging and food in Nikolai CP 6
  • Lodging and food in McGrath at the finish line
  • A food/supply drop of 10 pounds each at the checkpoints Finger Lake and Rohn
  • Please keep your drops small, we bring those to their location via small ski plane.
    ( All survival gear, sleeping bags, clothing ect. must be carried from the start)
  • T-Shirt

There is no prize money in this race, the first male and female in the 350 mile and 1100 mile race will receive a free entry for the following year.

1100 mile Racers
Nome info
For racers going to Nome the $ 1150.00 entry fee will include a food drop (10 pounds) in Iditarod (southern Route /odd years) or in Cripple (northern Route/even years).
Besides that drop all racers going on to Nome will be responsible for their own drop bags, lodging, food and contacts beyond McGrath.

We will provide Post Office addresses and phone numbers to local residents who are willing to support our racers.
In past years racers have been staying in village schools for a small fee and sending boxes to villages post offices  "General Delivery"+ racer's name +" hold for Alaska Ultra Sport Racer" for drops along the route.

Please contact us for more detailed information on the 1100 mile race to Nome.

Flights & Evacuations:
Flights from McGrath, Nome or evacuations from the course are at racer's expense.
Flights back to Anchorage from McGrath with Pen Air cost around $177.00 ( price available at the counter in McGrath) credit card accepted at he airport in McGrath
Alaska Air from Nome with Alaska Airlines about $250.00

Required Checkpoints:

CP1: Yentna Station ( mile 57) racers pay for meals and lodging

CP2: Skwentna Roadhouse ( mile 90) racers pay for meals and lodging

CP3: Winter Lake Lodge on Fingerlake ( mile 130) food and lodging provided

CP4: Rainy Pass Lodge on Puntilla Lake ( mile 165) food and lodging provided

CP5: Rohn ( mile 210) food and lodging provided

CP6: Nikolai ( mile 300) food and lodging provided

CP7: McGrath ( mile 350) food and lodging provided

Supply Drops (due one week before the start date!)

mail to:

Alaska European B&B
3107 Cottonwood Street
Anchorage, AK 99508 USA

Racers provide those and either drop them off in person a week before the race or send them by mail.
Many european racers and out of state racers mail them by post to us)

Remember to send them by air mail if you send them from Europe to make sure they arrive in time.
(please use bags not boxes)
Drops are for expendables! ( food, batteries, fuel, chem. handwarmers,etc.)
Everything else (all survival gear)is to be carried from the start by the racer.

• Finger Lake drop bag- 10 lbs/4.5 kg
• Rohn drop bag   - 10 lbs/4.5 kg
Cripple/Iditarod drop bag -10 lbs/4.5 kg



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