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I grew up in the foothills of the Alps in Germany. I first came to Alaska in 1996 on a backpacking trip. I came back several times falling deeper in love with Alaska's great wilderness every visit.
In 2002 I received resident alien status and moved to Alaska.Since then I have guided over 30 remote multi day wilderness trips all over the this magnificient state. I enjoy sharing my passion and knowledge gained with each visitor to Alaska.

I have also  finished the 350 mile and 1000 mile human powered race on the Iditarod Trail.I have also been the race organizer and race director for this event ITI for 18 years. I retired from the event in May of 2020 to pursue other things and focus on my wildernes guiding business in Alaska and mountain biking in Southern Utah.

I speak English and German fluently as well as some French, Italian and Spanish.

All of my  leisure time is spent biking, hiking, rafting, kayaking, skiing or snowshoeing in Alaska, the Rocky Mountains and Deserts of the Southwestern USA in spring and fall, always looking for new places to share with guests. Your wilderness guide Katharina Merchant


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