kongakut river

Floating a river in a raft, canoe or kayak is possibly the best way to experience the remote wilderness in Alaska without having to carry all your gear.
In Alaska's roadless remote wilderness, the rivers are our roads we travel on in a quiet way.

We have been kayaking and rafting in places such as ANWR-Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, National Petroleum Reserve and Gates of the Arctic National Park since 2005.

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Our rivers have long been used as highways to remote parts of Alaska. In the summertime they are a low impact way to see a great deal of country and wildlife without the crowds. These floats can include day hikes along the rivers and ridges or gravel bars or as some prefer just sitting in camp and absorbing the "bigness" of the country around them.

Alaska is a place that is wild and huge and offers an incredible variety and terrain for true wilderness river expeditions. Choose one of the following river floats or contact us about any river in Alaska and we can arrange a custom trip for you and your family or friends on your time schedule and the location desired. Whether we use rafts, inflatables or folding kayaks depends on the river floated and the skill level of our guests.

We will custom design the perfect river adventure for you!

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Kokolik River Kayak Trip, National Petroleum Reserve-Western Brooks Range

We added this trip to our selection of kayaking trips in 2013 after taking a trip on it with wonderful clients from Arkansas in June of 2013. Previous trips had been cancelled due to a late spring and break-up on the northern rivers. We flew in with Dirk Nikisch/Coyote Air out of Coldfoot. It is a 3 hour flight from Coldfoot. It was 80 degrees when we landed on a gravel bar on the Kokolik on June 17th. The week that followed was hot and sunny, few moskitoes and we saw a herd of musk ox, small groups of caribou. The river was running really high due to the heat and 24 hour sunlight and snowmelt. The folding kayaks we brought worked out great and all we had to do was steer them down the river. We found wonderful campsites along some clear streams coming into the gray and silty Kokolik. Our last day on the water we saw thousands of caribou of the Western Arctic Herd walk over a distant ridge for hours. We paddled 85 river miles in 8 days. The hiking on the ridges that run perpendicular to the river was great, dry tundra, easy walking, with big distant views of rolling tundra hills. Along the river there are nesting birds of prey such as golden eagles, rough-legged hawks and falcons. We saw hundreds of Canada geese along the river as well. We saw two grizzly bears up close along the river. One stood up right next to the clients and ran while paddling on the river. The other wandered close to camp, looked at us and wandered off, a perfect bear encounter.One day we were sitting in camp and watched a small group of caribou swim the river right in front of us.If you are interested in a trip on this remote seldom visited region please contact us about dates for 2014. We would love to go back there for a second trip!

Images from the trip in 2013 here on Google Picasa


Marsh Fork & Canning River floating & hiking combo trip (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge)


This is another great river trip in the Northern Brooks Range.This combination trip takes us into the Brooks Range where we will hike over Carter Pass, then put in on the clear Marsh Fork and float into the main branch of the murky Canning River which makes its way north to the arctic coast.The Canning River forms the western boundary for the controversial area1002 of the Arctic Refuge near the arctic coast being considered for oil exploration and oil development.
The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is home of the Porcupine caribou herd. Thousands migrate from their wintering grounds in the Yukon Canada to the arctic coast every year to have their calves where they can get away from pesky insects and predators.
On this float we may also see other mammals such as grizzly bears, wolves and moose along the river.
There are great hiking opportunities on alpine ridges and valleys on treeless arctic terrain on this trip.

The Marsh Fork is the western branch of the Canning River and runs through the heart of the Philip Smith Mountains.This clear water fish bearing stream that has a few long sections of rock garden fun to break up the peaceful braids that comprise most of the float. Like the better known Kongakut, there are endless day hiking possibilities.

The trip starts with a flight from Coldfoot and drop-off in the Philip Smith Mountains. We will hike over Carter Pass and into the headwaters of the Marsh Fork.
After some more exploration we will inflate our boats and start the river journey.Decisions made by the US Government and US Fish & Wildlife over the next few years may affect the Canning River and the wildlife populations of this section of the refuge.
We hope you can join us in this remote corner of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and experience Alaska's remote arctic environment and its wildlife.

season: June-August
trip length: 11 days
trip cost: $5100.00 per person

Chilikadrotna River Float, Lake Clark National Park

This trip starts from Anchorage with a scenic flight to Port Alsworth into Lake Clark National Park. A floatplane will take us from Port Alsworth and drop us off at the scenic Twin Lakes area where Dick Preonnecke spent 30 years alone in the wilderness. Spectacular jagged peaks cradle Twin Lakes. This trip offers a true wilderness experience.

Wildlife like moose, bear, caribou and an incredible variety of waterfowl inhabit this area.We will hike and explore alpine meadows in the high country surrounding the lake before descending the clear swift waters of the Chilikadrotna River.
After joining the Mulchatna River for another 12 miles we arrive at our final destination where the bush pilot will us up.

season: mid June- late July
duration: 8 days
tour price: $3500.00 per person (2 person minimum)

Twin Lakes Kayaking & Hiking Trip, Lake Clark National Park

Pristine wilderness and the legacy of Dick Proeneke who spent 30 years alone in this wilderness,awaits us underneath jagged peaks and crystal clear waters of Twin Lakes. This area is only accessable by bushplane and is one of Alaska's vast and untouched National Parks. With folding kayaks we will explore this area that is home to bears, moose, caribou, wolves and other wildlife. We will enjoy the solitude in this magnificent park a hike and explore hidden valleys, tundra, waterfalls and enjoy nature in the spirit of Dick Proenneke. From Anchorage we will take a scenic bush flight to the small community of Port Alsworth and from there a short bushflight to the Twin Lakes area.

season: June-August
duration: 7 days
tour price: $3300.00 per person (2 person minimum)

Charley River Rafting Trip

Charley River

This is a great Class III rafting trip on a clear and swift river in the Interior of Alaska.

The Yukon Charley Rivers National Preserve encompasses 2.5 mio acres.The river cuts through high plateau tundra and valleys untouched by glaciation during the ice age.This is also the home of the Fortymile caribou herd and we have plenty of opportunity to watch wildlife.The area is wilder and less populated than it was 80 years ago during the Kondike gold rush.
Our trip starts after a landing in a small wheelplane on the primitive upper Charley landing strip.There is good hiking opportunities in the upper stretches .After the first three days on the clear and swift Class III Charley River we join the mighty Yukon River where we get to see historic old camps and cabin sites of trappers and prospectors. We also get to see modern subsistence lifestyle with fish camps and fishwheels on the Yukon before we reach the small town of Circle.
From here we have the possibility of stopping along the way back for more sights along the route before Anchorage.

Day 1: Drive from Fairbanks to the small community of Circle
bushplane ride to the put- in on the Charley River
Day 2: We explore the the area around the upper river corridor.Old historic mining and trapping camps are found in this area.
Day 3: the next two days we spend floating down the clear Charley River.
Day4-7: We are on a leasurely pace exploring and floating this unique area. We will float down the Yukon River to the small community of Circle.
Day 8: Time to enjoy the town of Circle after a hearty breakfast and drive back to Fairbanks.

season: mid June-mid July
duration: 8 days
tour price: $3600.00 per person ( 2 person minimum)
Trip begins and ends in Fairbanks.

John River Kayak Trip, Gates of the Arctic National Park

john river

This river in the Brooks Range is a great river trip for beginner paddlers that want to see a river in the Brooks Range.The John River flows south from Anaktuvuk Pass through Alaska's Brooks Range to the Koyukuk River just below Bettles. We start this trip with a flight to Coldfoot and from we we take a bush plane to the put-in on the John River at Hunt Fork.
Limestone Ridges come all the way down to the rivers edge and afford many good hiking opportunities into the surrounding mountains along the river.

season: June-September
duration:8 days
tour price: $3500.00 per person


Kongakut River Rafting Trip, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)


Visit the last great wilderness on earth. ANWR with over 19 million acres has been much debated over, especially the coastal plains which are the calving grounds of the porcupine caribou herd, 130,000 animals strong. They migrate to the coastal plains where females have their calves. Join us on this 10 day trip in the spectacular Brooks Range, with some exciting whitewater, exceptional fishing, spectacular scenery and the possibility of seeing caribou. We have plenty of time to hike on ridges and into lonely valleys and observe wildlife such as Dall sheep, moose, bear and wolves and musk ox.From the heart of the Brooks Range we make our way towards the coast where we will be picked up by a small bush plane at Caribou Pass. The section we float is entirely in the mountains and offers some of the best trail less hiking Alaska has to offer.
Trip starts and finishes in Fairbanks.

tour dates: June or August
duration: 14 days
tour price: $6600.00 per person ( 2 person minimum)

Hulahula River RaftingTrip, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The Hulahula River flows north through glacial valleys, rugged mountains, rolling tundra and finally through a breathtaking canyon before reaching the coastal plains and the Arctic Ocean. This is an opportinity to see ANWR, battleground between oil lobbyists and environmental groups, an area that has been much debated about in the last 20 years. The coastal plains are the calving grounds of the 130.000 strong porcupine caribou herd. Development would destroy one of the most pristine and vast pieces of arctic tundra left in the US.
No prior paddling experience is necessary since you will be with an experienced river guide. On this 10 day trip you will have time to watch wildlife, take pictures, hike on arctic tundra and enjoy incredible scenery.The trip starts in Fairbanks with a scenic flight to the small Native community of Arctic Village. From here we will take a small bush plane to our put in on the upper Hulahula River on a gravel bar.Our schedule for the next 9 days is going to be very flexible and on a relaxed schedule with plenty of time for hiking, photography and enjoying the silence of the wilderness.

season: June- August ( best month to see caribou is mid to late June)
duration: 10 days
tour price:$5500.00 per person ( 2 person minimum)

North Fork of the Koyukuk River, Gates of the Arctic National Park


We offer this river trip with a raft or double folding kayaks for paddlers with experience on moving water. The North Fork of the Koyukuk flows south through a broad, glacially carved valley beside the Endicott Mountains in the Central Brooks Range. It is a clearwater river designated as " National Wild and Scenic River" and flows through dramatic peaks and through the "Gates of the Arctic" between Boreal Mountain and Frigid Crags named by Rob Marshall in 1929.
We will start this trip from Coldfoot with a bush plane flight to the put-in on the upper North Fork of the Koyukuk.
We will have several days to float and explore this beautiful area on a leisurely schedule.

season: June-August
duration: 8 days
tour price: $ 3500.00 per person

Alatna River trip & Arrigetch Peaks Backpackng Trip, Gates of the Arctic National Park

This trip leads us into the remote Gates of the Arctic National Park and into the famous Arrigetch Peaks.The Arrigetch Peaks are a cluster of rugged granite spires in the Endicott Mountains of the central Brooks Range in northern Alaska. The name Arrigetch means 'fingers of the outstretched hand' in the Inupiat language. The peaks ring the glacial cirques at the head of the Kobuk River and 2 tributaries of the Alatna River. From Coldfoot along the Dalton Highway we take a bushplane flight into the Arrigetch region along the upper Alatna. This trip offers an outstanding wilderness experience. We will hike into the Arrigetch Peaks region where we will set up a basecamp to explore different valleys and visit some beautiful lakes on day hikes. After 5 days of exploring unspoiled wilderness we will return to the Alatna River, where we will assemble our boats. A float down the clear and beautiful Alatna River will give our legs time to rest and take in the beauty around us. This trip starts and finishes in Fairbanks.

season: June- September
duration: 12 days
tour price: $ 4500.00 per person



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