Iditarod Trail Alaska               


Dates: January 30- February 3, 2017 (Monday-Friday)
Cost: $ 950.00 per person

Location:Flathorn Lake, Iditarod Trail Alaska
8 spaces left

Geilo Norway
Dates: January 16-20,2017
Cost: $1150.00 per person
Location: Geilo Norway
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We are offering a fat bike ITI training camp in Geilo Norway for the first time in 2017, Europe's fat bike and winter destination for many Europeans followed by the first edition of the Fat Viking ( a new ITI qualifier race) January 20/21,2017 in Geilo Norway.

Included: 2 overnights in hut (shared rooms) Jan. 15/20, 4 evening meals, 1 breakfast,
instruction by Bill & Kathi Merchant
Not included: rental bikes or gear

Guy Jennings, South Africa, 2013
"What a week of wonder, learning and making (no doubt) lifelong friends and contacts. Thank you to you both for an amazing time, full of learning, but also lots of laughs.."

Fornaro Renzo, Italy, 2013
"Beautiful! Kathi I neverwinter forgot You, Bill, Alaska, Thank You, Thank You for This big experience....."

Will Muecke, Costa Rica, 2013
FANTASTIC SCHOOL!!! Thank you, Kathi and Bill! An all-time great for outdoor experiences. Highly, highly recommended. Best regards, Will (2013 attendee).
Team Core Co Cycling endorsement

Images by Will Muecke on FACEBOOK

Kelly Boyd, Canada, 2013
“Hey everyone, this is one of the most memorable trips I have ever been on. Thanks Bill and Kathi for going above and beyond to give us all your knowledge, set in such a great place like Flathorn Lake. It would be near impossible to get all the things we learned this week in a lifetime of biking on the snow.”

Article in Grand Rapids Press, Michigan about the 2013 training camp


Our training camps are designed for those wanting to enter the Iditarod Trail Invitational 350 mile race to McGrath by bike or anyone who would like to learn about winter biking and human powered winter travel in the extremes of the Alaskan winter. These camps are not about physical training, but to learn about winter backcountry travel, winter camping and biking in the snow in extreme cold temperatures as well as camping in the rain. We cannot predict the Alaskan weather. From the first time winter camper to the more experienced winter traveler ready to shed gear in favor of speed without compromising safety our camps are for cyclists looking to expand their horizons and remote backcountry travel in remote areas of Alaska.

Winter biking is a growing sport here in Alaska and becoming more popular in the Lower States with several winter races held here in Alaska and other western and northern states.
For those contemplating entering one of the human-powered winter ultra races, our camps are a great place to start. We often have race veterans from Alaska Ultra Sport's Iditarod Trail race come to the camps and share their knowledge and experience giving the students a wider view of gear and techniques and riding a snowbike on snowmobile and mushing trails.
After spending a lifetime playing and racing in the winter wilderness the last thing I want to be is cold. So! I learned not to be! The purpose of the camp is to pass on the skills, acquired after thousands of miles of trial and error on the trail, necessary to stay comfortable and enjoy human powered winter travel.
Having all the right gear is nice but knowing the little tricks to make it all work is priceless.
It may safe your fingers, nose and toes!
These camps are taught by Bill and Kathi Merchant.
Bill is a eight time finisher of the Alaska Ultra Sport 350 mile race on the Iditarod Trail and finisher of the 1000 mile race to Nome in 2008.
Kathi is a three time winner in the 350 mile race and became the first female cyclist to finish the 1000 mile race in 2008.
Our passion is multi-day winter cycling expeditions and races.

The 5 day school will be spent in the Alaskan wilderness with a base camp at Flathorn Lake.
Time will be spent with equipment testing, gear selection, setting up bivies in the snow, melting water from snow and rides on the Iditarod Trail.

We recommend the Westmark Hotel in Anchorage for lodging before and after the camp. The hotel is centrally located near restaurants, REI, 6th Ave Outfitters and you can take your bike into the rooms. We will have a snowmobile with a trailer to haul one extra bag per student for extra gear and food.

article about the November winter bike camp in BIKE magic UK by Aidan Harding

New York Times article including video from December 24, 2008

Images training camp February 2009

Images training camp November 2008


Cost: $950.00 per person

Transportation from and back to Anchorage to Point MacKenzie, 4 evening meals prepared by your instructors, professional instruction by Bill & Kathi Merchant, race organizers and racers of the 350 mile and 1000 mile
Iditarod Trail Invitational

Not included
rental bikes, camping gear, you need to bring your own gear, clothing,breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Specialized snow bike rentals are available in Anchorage at:
The Trek Store
Trek Bicycle Store Anchorage

530 E. Benson Blvd., Unit 9C,
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
phone(907) 743-6000

We will send you a recommended gear list after we recieve payment by check/ money order or bank wire.

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